RTG Asia

Game developer Realtime Gaming (RTG) has entered the Asian game entertainment market with its recent launch of RTG Asia. This Chinese brand aims its arrows at the market in Asia, where it wants to differentiate itself from other industry players by offering new ideas, products and content. If this move turns out to be successful, then the Asian platform will be a great addition to its parent company.

A Brief Introduction to Realtime Gaming

This company started to operate 20 years ago in 1998. In those years, the game development brand has made a name for itself with its ever increasing portfolio of casino software products. The company makes games, but it also provides complete casino solutions for online operators. Across multiple platforms, there are now more than 300 casino games from this brand that players can enjoy.

Among these games, there are also those that have Asian themes. These Asian themed games match well with the brand's desire to break into the Asian market, and many players in that part of the world will love to play them because of the cultural game aspects that they can resonate with. Read on to learn more about some of the developer's Asian-themed slots that are currently being enjoyed by players.

Asian-Themed RTG Slots That Players Can Enjoy

Realtime Gaming is certainly no stranger when it comes to developing slot machine games that have Asian themes. Over the years, the company has made several of them. Perhaps most noticeable was the recent collaboration with Asian super star Jacky Chan for the game Fantasy Mission Force Slots, which is a game based on one of the early movies that Chan starred in. By working together with the famous actor on this new casino game, the slot title developer certainly has found a great figurehead for its new Asian platform.

Besides this fun new game, there are various other Asian themed slot that fans from the game developer can enjoy at all times. Some notable examples are Fucanglong Slots, Lucky 8 Slots, Lucky Tiger Slots and Super 6 Slots. These fun to play slot machines really show that the company has a love for Asian themed content, and that is why it will come as no surprise that it is now attempting to get a stronger foothold in the Asian market. If you are a player who is a part of that market, then you will have a great time playing all of these recognizable games.

Also Enjoy Other Themed Games from the Game Developer

If you are from a different part of the world, then there is no reason to be left out, because you can still play and enjoy all the mentioned games on various online platforms, no matter where you are at the moment. And even if you are not into Asian themed slot machine games, then you can always try your luck with other exciting and popular titles that boast different themes such as for example the bandit themed Swindle All the Way Slots or the ancient Egyptian themed Queen Of Kings Slots. Play these games and others and experience the fun and excitement that Realtime Gaming and RTG Asia have to offer.