A Look at the Future of Online Casinos in the US

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The future of online and mobile Casinos in the USA is growing and looking good, thanks to the many planned and actual changes in legislation. To understand what is planned, one has to look at what was and how the online and mobile gaming industry in the USA grew. 1994 was the year of the first online Casino owned and operated by Microgaming, one of the leading software suppliers still operating today. The Casino required dial-up access to the Internet and a time-consuming download of games. Today, everything is played directly through the web browser without downloading. By 1998, over 700 different online Casinos were operating in the USA and around the world, reaching a peak in 2005. The US government intervened in 2006 with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that outlawed the transfer of money online and, as a result, prevented anyone from placing bets and enjoying online Casino games.

Overcoming Legislation and Creating Trustworthy Online and Mobile Casino Options

The changing of legislation in 2006 saw the closing down of many online Casino sites in the USA while others started looking for other ways to provide gaming opportunities, including using Poker and Sportsbetting as alternative options. Casinos that opened were licensed in Indian territories to try to bypass the legislation, but this was soon stopped, although casinos are still registered and licensed in the Indian territories. Different states decided to take it upon themselves to introduce legislation approving online and mobile gaming, and some started taking a portion of the income and profits towards socially responsible projects. Today, New Jersey, as does Pennsylvania, allows all online gambling, including Casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. Delaware allows only casino and poker sites but no betting on sports. And Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, North Hampshire, Iowa, and Rhode Island allow sportsbetting but no poker or Casinos. Many States are working on new legislation to approve online Casino play with few restrictions. The social gaming casino network has burst into the gaming industry in the past few years. Social gaming offers the same gaming experience as online and mobile casinos, with one main caveat: no money is exchanged hands. Players receive a sum of coins to start playing any of the games and can earn more coins as they progress through the games. Special coins can also be earned, leading to prizes and other benefits, including free nights at hotels, meal and concert vouchers, and other amazing rewards that entice players to participate in social Casinos that are growing in popularity every day. The world of online and mobile gaming in the USA has grown and changed dramatically in the past thirty years, creating a fair industry, contributes to society, and provides nonstop fun.