Wild Hog Luau Slots

We guess you know what a hog is, and you probably know that a luau is a celebration too… but what happens when you put the two together?

That is the question you’ll receive an answer to when you get ready to play Wild Hog Luau. This is an amusing slot where you can guess the theme… and yes, it is an oddball one to check out. That isn’t a bad thing though, as you are going to find out now.

Who thought of this idea?

The team at Realtime Gaming regularly come up with ideas for slot games that take you to some strange places. We have no issue with that, because it regularly gives us amusing games like this one.

Try their demo first if you like

RTG wants every player to be able to see what their games are like. If you are ready to find out more about this one, you can begin with the practice version.

How odd is this theme?

Well, if you mix a luau celebration with a load of wild hogs, you get the idea. Those hogs are attending the party though, rather than being used for a spit roast! They’re dressed for it too.

An amusing design is available here

You know there are going to be hogs in this game, and you will get to see them when you play. RTG has made sure each hog is having a good time and is wearing appropriate headgear for the celebrations. Expect a beach and the waves lapping at it beyond the reels, too.

Reels, icons, and more: What to expect from the Wild Hog Luau game

Five reels are no surprise, but you might be disappointed to note there are no progressive jackpots to be won. Fifteen symbols appear in each spin once the reels come to a stop, with three rows in action.

The skull of a hog – still looking happy, it ought to be said – appears as a wild symbol on the first, third, and fifth reels. Only one symbol is unable to be substituted by this, which is the totem pole. As you might guess, there are a few hog heads involved in the design of that scattered totem pole.

How many paylines are in action?

Probably a lot less than you might guess. There are only eight of them, and even though they’re fixed, the small quantity makes them easy to cover.

How much can you wager on this slot game?

The coins go from a penny apiece up to $5. A quick bit of math tells us the betting range is therefore eight cents to a maximum of $40 on every spin of the reels.

Paytable details you should know about

Finding it is simple enough, as it is tucked away just to the left of the line quantity message underneath the first reel. We suggest you scan through the pages before you do anything else with the game.

No second screen bonus is available

There is another feature we might include as a bonus though, and this gives you some respins if you can trigger it. It’s easy to do so as well because you only need to score a prize – any prize – for the Lucky Streak Respin feature to get underway.

Whenever you get a prize, everything involved in the winning combo is frozen in position. All other positions then spin again, which costs you nothing. The idea is that this gives you another chance to collect a prize, perhaps a different one or an improvement on the triggering prize.

If you did get something else, another respin is given. This carries on until a respin results in nothing new being won.

Relax – you still get the chance to get some free spins

Many slots choose between respins and free spins, but that’s not the case here. Three scattered totem poles act in the normal way to unleash this round, giving you 10 free spins in the process.

There is a retrigger element, but in this case, you’d get eight further spins instead of another 10. And once again, anything won would allow the Lucky Streak Respin feature to come into play. The only difference – and it’s a good one – is that the round would have increasing multipliers involved too.

No return to player info is available

That much is par for the course at Realtime Gaming.

Can we give this slot game a reasonable rating?

We can, yes. It deserves eight out of 10 points, especially since there is a great mix of respins and free spins to enjoy. We like the rising multiplier involved with the respins too once you get them in the free game feature.

Let the hogs hunt for prizes!

You still need to find them, of course, but it is no surprise that our leading characters are behind the best prizes around.

When viewing the paytable, make sure you have adjusted the game to show the bet amount you’re going to use. We say this because the paytable shows you the prizes relevant to your wager. So, if you’re sitting on a higher amount than you’d use, you might mistake the value of the prizes and create confusion.

Start playing with the demo game

Wild Hog Luau is a delightful slot – it’s hard not to smile when you play it. Don’t trust our word for that though – make sure you put it through its paces with the demo first.

Would you move on to play this one for real?

Everyone has different opinions on what makes a slot worth playing. If you do decide to try this for real, you can start from a mere eight cents per spin.

Try the game on Android and iOS

Both popular mobile platforms are fine to use with this slot game.