Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16 seems to be an age, but while it might have taken a while to develop and release the slot game with that title, it's not based on that important age. A quick glance at the opening image that accompanies the game reveals there is a ton of candy flying around. So, what can we expect when we reach the reels themselves?

No need to wonder because we've explored the game and reviewed it in depth for you here. Find out whether this could be the sweetest slot game of all.

Who is the developer for Sweet 16?

The name behind this entertaining title is Realtime Gaming.

Does that mean we get a practice version to try?

It does, and we would suggest checking this out before considering whether it would be ideal to use with your budget.

A sweet theme you're going to love

The Sweet 16 logo includes the number inside a red heart, although we guess that too is edible. However, the rest of the flying candies around the name of the game keep nothing under wraps. This is a candy-filled slot, for sure.

The design is tasty too!

Forgive the joke (if you can call it that), but this slot is one for the players who love to see splashes of color everywhere they look in their favorite slot games.

Swirly candies, lollipops, licorice squares, chewy candies, and hard candies… everything you can imagine is here. The background provides you with plenty of candy flying around too.

Reels, symbols, and everything else: Sweet 16 basics

While there are no progressive prizes up for grabs in this five-reel game, the paytable does include lots of other tasty prize amounts. The Sweet 16 logo is the wild, substituting for most other symbols appearing on the reels. It can appear anywhere except on reel one. It can also appear in groups over the reels.

The exception to that rule is the scatter, as you might have guessed, which is the lollipop with the swirly design.

No paylines in this game

Is that a disadvantage? No… because the game offers 243 ways to collect some prizes instead. This covers all potential winning ways the 5 x 3 format can offer.

Choose a bet for each spin

Each spin brings you the chance to wager as little as a quarter on all 243 winning ways. There are other bet amounts available too though, reaching a maximum of $2.50 per spin. That makes this a game better suited to the low-budget player.

Seek out the help and rules option to find the paytable

Positioned to the right of the fifth reel, this is easy to spot. If you are new to Sweet 16, we suggest this is the best place to begin.

Does the game include a bonus round?

There isn't a bonus on a second screen, but you can look out for Morphing Symbols to appear. These are triggered for all prize-winning spins. The winning icons change into new ones, giving you the chance to win further prizes. The feature ends when a losing spin occurs.

When this feature begins, the multiplier in play is a basic 1x. However, for each successful occurrence of the Morphing Symbols, the multiplier goes up by 1x. The highest level this can get to is 10x.

Could you find 16 free spins to play?

You could if three scattered lollipops are found in the same spin. The Morphing Symbols feature occurs here as well, but you begin with a 2x multiplier for the first instance. The highest multiplier in the free games would then be worth an impressive 20x.

Do we know the value of the RTP?

We do - it comes out to approximately 96.3%.

How much do we love Sweet 16?

This is hardly an original theme, but something about it does appeal. It's a good idea to have some candy close by if you are going to play it though, because we have an idea you might want some…

Is this non-progressive slot worth playing for some prizes?

It depends what you want from a slot game. The low betting range means it won't produce the biggest prizes for anyone, even on the $2.50 per spin bet. However, there are lots of chances to get better prizes, especially if the Morphing Symbols element triggers during the free spins.

Will you try the demo?

We started this way. It is a good method to try for understanding more about Sweet 16 and whether it looks good enough to play for real.

Playing the real game

Settling on the right bet for your liking is important here. Once you have done that, you can play the game for real if that's what you fancy.

Going mobile with Sweet 16

The colors in this game make it a good one to try on tablets and smartphones. Anyone using an iPhone or iPad should love what they see. Android fans won't be disappointed either.