Cubee Game

New games are released all the time, but Cubee Time Travel Adventure Game is not the usual five reel game. It is a bit peculiar. Players will see that the game is based on a fuzzy cube-shaped character called Cubee and his arch nemesis Rocco. These two will travel through time and each spin of the reels will bring Cubee closer to defeating Rocco. This game is not the usual slots that you would expect and this is sure to be surprised Realtime Gaming slot players or players in general.

About Gameplay

Gameplay is unique. Players will see that the game is indeed a Travel Adventure. They will see the scene change behind the reels when Cubee has defeated Rocco in a previous era and moves on to the next one. There are up to eight symbols on the reels which appear to float in space, and the main character will consume energy balls and symbols to gain strength. Cubee is located on one side of the reels and Rocco on the opposite side. Once Cubee has eaten he is able to use the weapons you see such as the ax or club to give Rocco a hit on the head. This decreases the lifespan or health of Rocco until he collapses. After this, these two will travel to the next era to continue with gameplay.

Time Travel

Players will see that the game starts in the first era which is the Stone Age. Even though they are time travelers, Cubee and Rocco will dress like each era to blend in. The Stone Age is where the fun and excitement of gameplay begins. The next era or level is the Era of Piracy. These two will continue fighting as the reels spin. During the Era of Piracy, this is where slot players can use the reels to collect free games to be played later. The next level is the Viking Age. This is an important era because it not only gives Cubee a chance to defeat Rocco, but slot players are able to collect some multipliers here to help them later. The time travelers will then return to the present in CubeeLand where the bonus free spins will be played and the multipliers added to them.

Special Features

Other than the free spins and multipliers, there are two meters which will monitor Cubee and Rocco. A meter is located below each of them. The meter for Cubee is represented by colorful balls. These will be able to let slot players know the strength level of Cubee as he battles Rocco. There is also a cylinder of colors below Rocco, and you can watch as this cylinder decreases each time Rocco is hit on the head. When he falls dead, a new era or level will start with a full meter. Players can look forward to big wins of up to 50,000 coins when they play Cubee Travel Adventure Slots by RTG.