High Rollers Slots

You are going to find out if you decide to give the High Rollers slot game a go. This is one of those titles that might suggest a few possible themes, but you'll soon see whether this classic game is one you might want to try.

When the game loads, a character stands to the right of the paytable. When you see him, we think you'll know all you need to about the game to decide whether this is the one for you. Read on to discover what we thought.

Who developed the idea?

There are plenty of titles lurking around in the RTG collection, some of which have been around for several years. The High Rollers slot is one such game.

Demo drama

It's always nice to see you are free to try a game before figuring out whether it holds enough appeal to progress to the real thing. You certainly get that opportunity here too.

The theme is obvious once the game screen appears

If we told you there was a lava lamp, and that guy we mentioned was a hippie, we guess you can figure out you are going to be transported back to the Seventies here, right?

A bright Seventies-style design

If you lived through the Seventies, you'll find this design brings back memories. If you didn't, we can confirm you will feel as if you are experiencing it for yourself when you play this game.

How to play High Rollers

The game offers just three reels, each one capable of showing more than one symbol on it depending on how it stops after each spin. Some smaller slot games have progressive prizes, and this is one of those.

Many of these smaller games don't have wild icons either, but in this case, we are treated to one. It's very Seventies too, with a multicolor peace sign that may occasionally appear on the reels. This can replace everything else, so it is more powerful than some wilds we've seen elsewhere.

How many paylines are in the High Rollers slot game?

There are five, which might surprise you as we guess you might have thought there would be one.

Bets to consider before you play

The game doesn't qualify to be called a penny slot, as the smallest coin is worth five cents. There are others to choose from too, with the maximum coming in at five dollars.

The paytable is on the same screen as the reels

The whole thing looks like a regular slot machine, something you'd find in a real casino. It does give you the chance to review the paytable whenever you wish, without needing to switch from the reels to another screen.

No bonus in High Rollers

That probably won't be a surprise because of the format and size of the game.

You shouldn't expect any free game opportunities either

We've dug up a few three-reel slots with free games before, but nothing of the kind is found in this game.

The RTP doesn't make an appearance

You might expect a software developer to provide you with this value, but that's not the case here.

Does the game deserve a high rating?

Let's be clear - this is a standard game with a good design and a wild you may not have expected to see. For those reasons, we'd give it seven points out of 10. There are no other features that would give it a better score.

Winners shouldn't expect to get much… unless they trigger the jackpot

This would occur if you could find three Volkswagen symbols on the fifth line. They cannot fill any other line though - just that fifth one for the progressive prize.

Play the demo to see if you like this theme

The theme is great, and if you want a progressive game, you could do worse. It's not likely to bring a huge jackpot into focus, so you should see whether the game offers enough other elements to keep you interested.

Play for real if you like High Rollers

You may not become a High Roller playing this game, but you can still make the most of a more unusual theme. Just be sure you are content with the minimum wager and the potential prizes before you get started.

Mobile opportunities are there too

You can head back to the Seventies on a 21st century smartphone or tablet by playing High Rollers on an Android or iOS device.