As you read through this review, I will be able to tell that the optimism in me about Everygame is challenged by the company's various issues. The overall feeling is that while it still has value, the owners did not decide to fully spruce up the organization.

Game Selection

I am very satisfied with the product that Everygame has. While I do not think it should have two separate casinos, I appreciate that they have the full suite of games from RealTime Gaming and WGS. Having a poker site is very important, regardless of how small it is. Having a full suite of games makes Everygame a great choice for anyone who is looking to spread their gambling dollars.


Despite the positive aspects of the site, I found the promotions and bonuses to be very frustrating. There are a lot of T&Cs that prevent players from getting the most out of their offers. The high rollover rates and the lack of incentives for the small and mid-sized gamblers are two of the main reasons why I found these promotions to be useless.


The sportsbook has a wide variety of games and promotions that are aimed at both the small and large sports fans. There is also an in-game betting option, but I would like to see more live odds displayed on the main page. Despite the positive aspects of the site, I am still not sure why they haven't added esports to the mix. There are a few small fixes that the company can make to improve its performance in this area.

Customer Service

The reason why my score is lower than it should be is due to the various issues that players have been discussing online. Despite the positive interactions that I had with the company, I will need to see more proof of their positive support to improve my rating.


The company has a wide variety of banking options, including the recently added Bitcoin. However, it is still not ideal for players due to the large number of documents that they have to produce in order to process their payments. This issue makes it feel like the company is not taking the time to resolve the issues that players are experiencing.

User Interface

The site is very user-friendly and provides a good navigation experience. The casino lobby is also easy to filter, which makes it a great choice for people who are looking for a variety of games. However, I cannot help but notice that whenever I open a new window, my browser's navigation bar gets blocked. This issue should not be an issue that is exclusive to my computer. I would like to see this resolved immediately.

Mobile Compatibility

Since the company's mobile products are browser-based, I was able to give the site a high score. Despite the positive aspects of the platform, it is still not ideal for players due to the lack of a native app for the mobile version of the company. This issue is very important for online gamblers as it allows them to access the games and services that they need easily.