Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits Slots
If you have explored the world of online slot games, you might already have encountered (or at least heard of) this game. Cash Bandits was a massive hit from the second it was released, and when you find out more about it, it isn’t hard to see why that’s the case.

The title may hint at the theme in force here, but it doesn’t reveal what the main attraction is if you play this game. We’ll tell you what you need to know when you check out our review.

Developer info you should know

Cash Bandits was released by RTG. Realtime Gaming did so well with this game, they’ve released two sequels to date as well.

Don’t miss the demo

Once you try it, we think you’ll want to play it for real. But even if you don’t, the reels of the game are filled with entertainment and action.

A bandit-themed slot

That means you can throw in some cops to encourage the chase to begin. The bandits are trying to break into a vault, and once inside, you might find yourself helping them…

Cartoon action all the way

Bandits aren’t usually friendly, but everyone in this game looks good. The cartoon approach makes it feel light and appealing, even given the topic in focus.

How to play the Cash Bandits online slot game

There are five reels in place here, and there’s also a progressive jackpot involved. That should be viewed as an extra though, since there is little chance of any individual player winning it. Someone will… but you know it’s likely to be someone else.

The wild symbol is the golden bank vault, so that makes it easier than ever to spot. The police badge plays a role too, this time as a scatter. The vault substitutes for everything except this badge.

Payline quantity

There are 25 lines involved in this slot game.

Is this playable as a penny slot game?

It is, which means playing on all the lines would cost a quarter a go. Even the bigger bets are far lower than they are in other games, as the coin values max out at a quarter apiece.

The paytable is accessed to the right of the fifth reel

There is a message there offering help and rules, so that is the one to select if you want to read more about what is to come when you play the game.

Introducing the Vault Bonus

With bandits trying to break open some bank vaults, you knew there had to be a good bonus involved, right?

Three scattered badges will take you into the Vault Bonus. While the game awards free games – giving you five of them with a 2x multiplier to start – there is a bonus to play before you get there.

You are shown inside a room with four bank vaults in it. There is a keypad in front of you. The idea is to see whether you can find the correct numbers to open one or more of the vaults. The maximum you can secure from this round, if you manage to correctly guess everything, is a whopping 90 free spins. The multiplier can go higher too, reaching 12x at most. You can see why people love this game, right?

How many players get the maximum number of free spins?

We’d sure like to know! We doubt many players would get the maximum, but when we played the bonus, we always managed to get bigger multipliers and a bigger free spin count too.

The return to player percentage isn’t determined

According to info we’ve read in many places online, it could sit anywhere from 95% to 97.5%. We guess you should think about looking at the lower end of the range to be safe.

Cash Bandits gets a great score from us

This is worth 8.5 out of 10 – we’d rank it higher, but the sequels are better still. Hard to believe, yes, but it’s a superb game and one where the bonus is better than ever.

How much could be won inside the Vault Bonus?

With big multipliers across several spins, there is a great opportunity during that round to collect a total prize amount you’d be happy with. No one can be certain of what might happen, but there’s surely some good opportunities to look out for if you are keen to play.

Enjoy the game without winning real prizes

We liked the entertainment value of the game, making Cash Bandits a good option even if you never intend to play with real wagers. It’s also a good way to experience the game for the first time.

Play the real thing

Would you like to get to that vault on a real wager, to see what you might find inside?

Play on mobile platforms too

Cash Bandits looks just as appealing on a tablet or smartphone running on Android or iOS software. Try it today and see if you prefer it.