Cash Bandits 2 Slots

When a slot game is a huge hit with players, it’s a real challenge to make sure the sequel is at least as good as the game that inspired it. However, we think a certain game developer must have a few tricks up its sleeves, as the Cash Bandits 2 sequel is better than the first.

You know the theme and we guess you know what to expect too. But does this slot game give you everything you’re looking for and more?

You might recall the developer

Realtime Gaming was behind the original game, so they’re in control for this one as well.

Demo game details

The game can be tried in practice mode if you wish. We managed to spin the reels a few times and even accessed the special round (and yes, it is just as good as you might think).

The same theme is repeated here

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter that you retread old ground – especially when that ground is just as good as it used to be. The cops ‘n’ robbers idea has always provided fertile ground for online slots, and so it proves here too.

Is the design a step up from the original?

We believe so, although when you look back at the first one, that was good too. There are just a few tweaks here that enhance the appearance you can look forward to in Cash Bandits 2.

Exploring the features in Cash Bandits 2

If you like a slot with a progressive prize, you’ll like this one twice as much, as it has two of them. If you manage to hit the correct combo over the five available reels, one of those pots would be yours. Something to hope for, right?

The game logo is used as the substitute, so it’s easy to see while in play. The logo could be stacked as well, giving it even more potential. Meanwhile, the familiar robber is back, and he is the scatter on this occasion. This is the only symbol that the wild won’t replace for you.

Paylines in Cash Bandits 2

There are 25 paylines you can cover while playing the game.

Can you play this as a penny slot game?

Yes, but there are other coins to think about too. If you want to bet more, the biggest coin value is a quarter, so the overall bets are kept quite low.

Paytable information

This tells you everything you should know before you get started. You may not think you need to check it if you’re not moving beyond the demo version, but we’d recommend you view it anyway.

(Re)introducing the Vault Bonus round

Do you remember this? The first game provided players with a chance to net up to 90 free spins with a multiplier that could go as high as 12x. That sounded good enough, but can Cash Bandits top it?

We guess you can figure out the answer to that. The free game opportunity promises a maximum of 190 freebies, and the maximum multiplier has been increased too – this time to 17x.

To get there, and to receive five freebies plus a 2x multiplier to start, you need to locate three robbers anywhere in one spin. You’ll then see some bank vaults. The idea is to try and work out the codes for each one. The quantity of number picks you get will relate to how many scatters you found to trigger the round. The more robbers, the more picks.

Each vault holds additional free games and multipliers to add to your triggering ones.

Who is going to nab all those free spins?

You would need to get every code spot on to get the maximum game count with the biggest multiplier. This would be easier to do with five triggering robbers, so a lot would stem from that.

Does the game offer a good RTP?

Many slots from this developer sit at around the 95% mark. While the RTP isn’t found inside the paytable, many sites have it at around 95.3%, so that fits.

Our rating for Cash Bandits 2

Releasing any sequel is fraught with the potential for everything to go awry. However, that hasn’t happened here. We think most players are going to be delighted with this one. We certainly were – enough to warrant a rare score worth 10 out of 10 points.

Will we discover any jackpot winners?

With two jackpots instead of just one, there are two chances for players to collect one of the best available prizes. However, there is no certainty in this. Those jackpots should be viewed as something possible yet unlikely to happen while you are playing.

This is a great game to play in practice mode

The game is enjoyable enough to provide ample entertainment even when you are not placing real bets on it. Try it and see.

Will you become the next player to try the real version?

Plenty already have, so we guess you might be next. At a low minimum spin amount, the game is certainly accessible by many players.

RTG has given us a cool mobile version too

No need to power up your computer – just use your Android or iOS device to get access to it instead. No apps and no downloads needed – just find it and play.